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Sex and Gender Differences  a person’s biological sex is genetic: males have X and Y chromosome; females have two X chromosomes  some people are born with both male and female characteristics (intersexed)  there is a difference between gender and sex  a person’s sex is genetically determined  a person’s gender (the way they are viewed as male or female) can be influenced by biological and social factors The Influence of Biology  neuroscientists believe the difference in the brain of men and women, explains the differences between personalities and behaviour of men and women  men and women think and behave differently, because their brains aren’t the same  men have larger cortex, women have larger frontal and temporal lobes, men have more neurons  the idea that any perceived difference between men and women are due to the brain difference  we need to keep in mind that we still have so much to learn about how the brain affects the mind (personality)  if we look at the brain too much, we’ll forget that social context, place, and historical period influence behaviour; if we look at brain too much, we won’t
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