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Social Darwinism  Herbert Spencer applied Darwin`s evolutionary theory to society in what he called survival of the fittest  this theory is based upon belief that the fittest people in society should survive while the weak deserved to live unfortunate lives or die  ex: believed the weak (poor, elderly etc.) shouldn`t be given financial assistance— they`re simply unfit to survive  used to justify colonialism and slavery  because white were superior to other races, they were justified in taking over other countries or enslaving people  this was used by notorious people like Hitler (he used social Darwinism to justify the Holocaust)  he believed in eugenics—believed in selective breeding (fit people mate together)and sterilizing and killing the unfit  in Alberta, women were sterilized without knowledge because they were deemed unfit, and their offspring would be as well School of Thought: Conflict Theory  study of how competition between different groups for power  there is always competition between those who have economic/political power and those who don’t  Karl Marx said there is always conflict between the wealthy class and the poor working class, creating conflict in society  those who do have power keep it away from those who don’t  typ
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