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Social Identity  socialization is the process by which individuals learn the beliefs and values of their society, enabling them to become well-adjusted members of that society  by internalizing the values of the group to which one belongs, an individual also develops a self-concept and begins to establish their place in the larger world  social identity is the way you define yourself to the world and to yourself  as an individual develops self-concept and begins to establish their place in the world, social identity begins to emerge, allowing a person to interact socially with a number of people in a variety of different situations  the challenge becomes knowing when and how to act in these carious situations—the greater the number of interactions, the more a person is able to develop their approach to social interactions/social identity creating a reciprocal relationship between individual and society  many elements work together to establish identity, including gender, culture, age, and social class  throughout the course of one’s life, these elements aid in the formation of social identity Social Identity and the Life Cycle  social identity isn’t static—it changes and grows along with the individual through their life, and is influenced by life experiences  life stage is a key determinant of social roles and identities  for many sociologists, the ke
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