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Mary Silcox

Anthropology Lecture –Sept 9, 2013 Not studying - Cultural Anthropology also known as social anthropology Two sub-divisions - Study of particular culture at a particular time – ethnography - Cross-cultural comparison Linguistic Anthropology, study of language through anthropology Studying * Archaeology- study of material culture (physical manifestation of human activities, such as tools, art, and structures) 4 types of anthropology: Prehistoric Archaeology – before people started writing accounts of things Historic Archaeology – Started around 3000 BC when people started the writings Bioarchaeology – study of Cultural Resource Management – rescuing sites of archaeology * Evolutionary Anthropology Modern human variability Osteology –study of bones Forensic Anthropology Medical Anthropology Molecular Anthropology Human Evolution Paleoanthropology Paleoprimatology Primatology EVOLUTION – A change in genetic structure of a population from one generation to the next - The study of evolution is science - Science is about imperical testing of ideas using data - Religion is about faith - Ussher in 1650 took the Bible and applied a generation time to when everything happened and determined that the earth was made 4004 BC - Living things do not change through time (fixity of species) Uniformitarianism – Theory that the earth’s features are the result of long-term processes that continues to operate today as they did in the past James Hutton (1726-1797) - Modeled the earth as a self regulating system - Important
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