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Mary Silcox

Anthropology Lecture – November 4, 2013 Archaic Homo sapiens (850, 000 – 200,000 ya) Homo erectus  Average cranial capacity 900cc  Think cranial bone Bodo  Archaic Homo sapiens specimen from East Africa (600, 000)  Slight sagittal keel  Massive supraorbital ridges  Low cranial vault with receding forehead  Evidence of defleshing from tool marks on the zygomatic bone  Secondary burial: After someone dies, bury them so bones get cleaned off, dig them back up clean their bones a bit more then use them for a ritual or something Arago Cave (450,000 years old, France)  Very large browridges  Cranial capacity (1, 100 cc) Steinheim (250,000 years old, Germany)  Massive browridges  Sloping forehead  Thin cranial bone  No nuchal torus  The widest point of the skull located high up Atapuerca Sima de los Huesos  400,000 – 500,000 years old, Spain  Place to put dead people  Oldest funeral practice Atapuerca 5  Exhibits midfacial prognathism and strongly arched brow ridges Jinniushan (200,000 years old, China)  Large brow ridges  Thin cranial bone  Broad nasal bridge  Prominent cheek bones  Shovel-shaped incisors Levallois technique  Invented 200,000 ya Step 1: Preparing the core by flaking along the sides and top Step 2: Knocking off one end of the core to get a striking platform of a consistent shape Step 3: Striking the core at the striking platform and remo
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