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Lecture on Archaic

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Genevieve Dewar

ArchaicsWhen u moved towards cold body shrinksMore Human LikeThey have extra muscle in the back of their neck maybe to help them run fasterThey were much faster than homo sapiensTool IndustryAcheulian 13 MYABifacial hand axesLeap in cognitive thinkingDesterous hands Lasted 1 MY unchangedSame hand ax in England and AfricaHigher level of cognitionabstract thoughtNo idea what it was used forFind in Europe Asia Africa old AfricaNot found in eastern chinaHomo ergastermostly from east AfricaDifferent in sizesocially symbolicEarliest form on homo erectusOut of AfricaThey are still developingFirehelped them travelHomo erectusBetter hunting techniquesnot scavenging19 MYA from lake Turkana oldest from of Increase in populationhad to get out of homo erectuseach others spaceThe back of the skull is almost pointySaharan pumptheory that even the Bony brow ridgesSahara desert became a grassland no Long low brain case prominent brow shallow seas separating continents and the ridges large jawergaster followed the herbivores out into Firemiddle east2 million years ago to 20 000 years agoWhen the grass lands contract they would Homo erectus is the one with the larger have to follow the herds into middle eastbrain not really homo habilisWhile the grasslands were lush Homo erectusfirst to use fireErgaster are the first to leave out of Africa Opens up the universe of being social most into EurasiaEngland and Asiaof the other species are not socialEvidence for movementDuring the day they would be collecting Asiafood when they have fire they can stay up 17 mya Dminisifossilslater in night and talk14 mya Ubeidiya Isrealhand axesBig cats are afraid of fireThe picture is homo erectus in ChinaSouthwest Asiachopper and hand axe tool1300cc16mya or 800 000 Flores IslandHomo ergaster mostly in east AfricaLower Chinaend of cranial capacityLonggupo 2mya choppers Or Latrine 600 Nariokatome Boy000 ya actual fossils foundEuropemost complete 800 000 in Gran Dolina Spain Atapuerca skeletonregion Homo antecessor12 year old boySince its dated 800 000 they should be a based on dentaldifferent species sometimes called Taller than modern antecessorhumanBehaviorWell adapted to 400 00 ya schoningen Germanyequatorial lifeThese lances are like javalins almost like a When u live in the spear to take down large animalsequator u want to be Taking on large herbivoresbones with cut tall then thing so u markscan increase the skins surface are so u Big game hunterscan sweatKnowledge of raw materials Involved with Early erectus formlong distance tradetrade over 100km
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