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Mary Silcox

thNovember 14 2011y Geographic range of nonneandertal o Archaic homo sapiens o Homo heidelbergensis y Geographic range of neandertalsTwo competing models y Regional continuity model multiregionalism o All the populations did evolve into anatomically correct humans o The ones in eastern asia evolved into eastern Asians o Gene flow caused a single species to evolve from these multiple regional populationso All became homo sapiens y Complete replacement model o out of Africa o Suggests that all of the populations in other parts of the world Europeans Asians populations were replaced by a single population coming out of africa Completely replaced all the other populations o Anatomically correct humans evolved in one place in Africa went on to replace all of the other populations in the other parts of the world y These are ends of a continuum o Regional has no replacement o Complete replacement model has no interbreeding y Where between these two extremes does the true answer lie Not in the extremesPrediction for the fossil record o Regional continuity model multiregionalism o Anatomically modern homo sapiens appear at a similar time I multiple places o There is evidence of intermediate forms in all geographic areasShould see fossil records of evolution intermediate forms o The first anatomically modern specimens hare features with earlier occurring hominins in each area o Complete replacement model out of Africa o Anatomically modern homo sapiens appears first in Africa o There is only evidence of intermediates in Africa
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