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Genevieve Dewar

Life In The Trees 110919 906 AM Valuable primate traits Forward facing Eyesjudge distance Grasping Handsto grab branches gives away character unlike catLemursscent mark areas helps to track and mark path MadagascarCannot walk on all fours disproportionate arms and legsimpossibleCOLOUR BLINDWelldeveloped voice difficult to see far scent hard to trackVoice makes it easier to communicate with othersMoist nose reads marks in the treesMore advanced primates replace lemurs no wet noseMarmosets white tufted ears live off gum trees marked with scented urine travel together defend boundaries together smallest of the monkeys link between lemurs and monkeysHowlers Tendency amongst primates largerbetter Because larger monkeys tend to win in terms of matingbigger monkeys Agilevegetarians best fruitends of branches dull sense of smell Selects food by colour Monkeys are the most vividly colourful of all mammalsDay monkeyssmall eyes in contrast to nocturnal monkeys big eyesDifferent methods to control territoryDifferences between S Africa Monkeys vs World Monkeys No African monkeys have the grasping tail not attached to treesAlso have grasping handsBaboons ohave taste for variety of food red meat other monkeys insects roots o Males bigpowerful to defend selftroupe Keep order with visual signals o Efficient at living on groundMacak monkeys
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