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Genevieve Dewar

Monday, September-10-12 Anthropology – Lesson One Anthropology is the study of humans. It can date back to prehistory (6 billion years ago) and understands all perspective of humans (holistic) Subtopics: Cultural Anthropology – what cultures are like in different parts of the world, the social norm and behaviour in a particular culture (refer to ppt) Ethnography – compare cultures, study stats. Study a particular culture Linguistics – study of languages, speeches, kinship terms (mother, father, uncle…etc.) NOT GOING TO STUDY THE SUBTOPICS ABOVE. ONLY STUDY THE FOLLWING Archeology – fundamentally of material culture (refer to ppt: material). It is not the study of dinosaurs and human bones. Instead, it studies tools and materials (currently or previously used) that are utilized in a particular culture. Subtopics in Archeology: Prehistoric historic – Dates back to the beginning of history where there are not many records, Biological Archeology – Biological remains (e.g. Human bones) Cultural Resource Management (refer to ppt). Evolution – understanding evolution across the world, study humans through time, bones, study genetic change of humans Subtopics in Evolution: Modern Human Variability Osteology – Study of bones (teeth, diseases, function). Forensic anthropology – Study of the remains of bones to solve legal cases (e.g. forenstic anthologist see dent on the skull which means that the victim died with a blow on the head) Medial Anthropology – Studies human health and disease, healthcare systems and biocultural adaptation. Examines how society is formed through health care and issues. Molecular Anthropology – Application of molecular studies – looks at genetics to look at past (ancestry), study of genetics Human Evolution Paleoanthropology – Study of fossil humans Paleoprimatology – Study of primate fossils to understand human evolution Primatology – Study of primates to understand humans (E.g. Study of sexual behaviour between primates) ***Anything with “pale” is the study of fossils Monday, September-10-12 EVOLUTION Biblical Creationism (refer to ppt: creationism) People believed Earth was created in Oct. 22 4004 BC (Earth is Libra). Earth is around 6000 years old. The world came to be through catastrophe. Catastrophists reason things through catastrophe (change is sudden e.g. the land is like this
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