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ANTA02 - Week 7 - February 26, 2013

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Maggie Cummings

ANTA02 – Week 7 Exam – April 24, 9:00 in Gym Bodies and Beauty: A Cross-Cultural Perspective Key Terms and Names - Rebecca Popenoe; Azawagh Arabs of Niger - Susan Bordo - Body ideals and “crystallization” of culture - Vanuatu; Port Vila What is beautiful in the Trobriands? //How is Trobriand beauty related to... - Matrilineality? - Reciprocity? - Cultural understandings of appropriate behavior - Magic? - Physical Characteristics? o Value smooth skin/light skin/Shiny skin  Ex. Arms, Legs, everywhere with coconut oil o Look round and shiny like the full moon o Not concerned about body shape o Beauty can be enhanced  Adornment (Earrings, Necklaces, Makeup)  They come from their fathers. It is their duty to give their children adornments  Girls and boys get multiple sets of earrings from fathers o No adornments = no acknowledge father - Why look beautiful at all? o To attract lovers  This is really significant and really unique  Teenagers are sexually active from a young age (12 – 13 starting age) and they would have several lovers  This showed that they were free spirited  Adolescent courtship is like a trial run for adult  Influencing people’s feelings and behaviors o One cannot gush with love o Can’t show too much emotion  They believe that you can’t force people to do what they don’t want to do  You don’t tell them, you influence them o Influence people through beauty magic  Spells from Elders  To make one more attractive and irresistible A Trobriand Beauty Magic Spell - Kala Doba (a spell placed on a woman’s skirt) - “Look like the chief’s wife, look like the chief’s niece” o The two most influential women Body Ideals Among the Azawagh Arabs - One of the most beautiful things among these women are stretch marks Why are Fat Azawagh Women so Sexy? - According to Popenow, it can’t be explained as : o A cause of personal anguish  Women don’t see it as a individual or personal failure if they’re not able to get fat and they don’t agonize over their weight like people in America does o The result of environmental factors (i.e. scarcity) o The result of economic factors (i.e. poverty)  Fat bodies indicate wealth because food requires money o An overt celebration of desire and sexuality
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