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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Victor Barac

Lecture 10EthnicityFinal is not cumulativeSlide 1Etymology of ethnicity Ethos means nation Race is treated as a biological aspect Has to do with origins and ancestryEthnicity arises as a result of trying to understand what cultural bearing aspects areSlide 2Binary is like 1 or 0 on or offthis or thatGender males or females nobles or common blue blood or part of unwashed masses white or bluecollar jobs employed or unemployed sexuality homosexual or heterosexual citizenship friend or enemy etcSegmentaryDegree of closeness determined by kinship Everyone in chiefdom is seen as related Nepotism condition where relatives and friends are favored in everyday dealings businesses transactions getting jobs etc It is the expected the norm in many parts If you are not showing nepotism in Botswana you are being immoral Slide 3Phenotypic easily observable traitsCan be classic adaptive traits like skin color body form things related to climate adaptations etc Light colored skin peoplecold and cant get vitamin D Equatorialtropical climates light colored skin becomes problematic because of skin cancer Darker skin has more melanonin to protect from cancer Attached or detached earlobes Social and cultural races are important because these superficial differences are used for classification One species in the Homo genus All the others have become extinct Adaptiveradiative Rapid proliferation of new species This didnt happen with Homo sapiens because they were able to adapt without changing into other species Species means they can interbreed and produce fertile offsprings Homo sapiens is at least 190 000 years old Slide 42005White origins in Europe Middle East north Africa Irish German Italian Lebanese near easterner Arab polish Slide 5
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