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Lecture 2

lecture 2 notes

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Maggie Cummings

Lec 2 ethnography is a field report They describe their experience and observation that they understood during their fieldwork what does ethnographyfieldwork accomplishCulture from the native point of viewthick description Context for knowledge about culturethe connotations and gestures vary and mean different things depending on context ie raising eyebrows in N America is hitting someone but same thing in different part of the world means I understand you completely and agree with what you are saying pg 36 definition of civilization and culture Victorian idea of civilization Every culture should be seen passing through this phasesmagic religion and rationality Verandah porch Where missionary or officers ppl lived on They observed how people in these exotic places lived their lives but it was still from distance They didnt live among them directlythats what she is trying to emphasize here Malinowski Participant observationwhere anthropologist fully participate in the culture and absorb as much information that is presented in the area Thye learn the language adn participate And also maintains as much distance as an outsider so that heshe can describe it from an outsider point of view Franz BoasHistorica
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