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Class 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

Class 2Anthropology Cultureits dynamic and not static its always changing working definition as shared patterns of learned behaviorFranz Boas culture lens ways culture is learned and sharedinterconnection bw the way its shared and the way its learnedWorld viewWhat is worldviewSmaller than culture underneath the culture blanketHuman do things to link them to the world make life meaningfulan encompassing picture of reality based on a set of shared assumptions on how the world works basically what is realityReality to us is objective but world view tells us what it iseg if we hear rattling in the attic some people would think oh there are raccoonsrats more rational up there depending on your world view you figure it out some people might think they are ghosts more spiritualIn many different cultures the world views can be different Feeding the desire islam is prevalent but in north america the religions coexist 2 ethnic groups share territory but they have different world views on drought Bema Muslim grouppraying and fasting in order to get rain from GodAllahDudangoo they belie
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