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Class 3-even though it says 4

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

Class 4 Feb 2nd 2012What is socialcultural constructionBiology and BloodCultural constructionismOnce we think about natural we have to think about it being subjective and not necessarily true all the timeIt is constructed by our beliefs and culturesthis is the theoretical position that suggests that human behaviors and ideas are best explained as products of culturally shaped learningopposite perception is biological determinismBiological determinismgeneshormones to suggest peoples behaviorpart of our world view we see biology as part of reality Its natural some how based on our bodies and its biologicalArabs in feeding desire whats natural is Gods will and whatever is intended by GodCultural constructionismHow can we explain human behavior under biology for spatial relationsmen are said to have better spatial relations than women due to evolutionary information or that it is genesthis is because they would have more ways to impregnate women and provide and be under cultural constructionsboys are more likely to gain this skills because they are taught about it we look at the toys given to the boys versus the girlssocial anthropologists dont really view biological determinism care about how human behavior can be explained through culture understanding the significance of culture to understand human behaviorSignificance of taking a social cultural behaviorThinking about knowledge context baseda social construct a concept or practice that appears to be natural or obvious or common sense to people who accept it but in fact they are social inventions and they are cultural artifacts and they dont precede or come before it and it is constructed by a cultureSocial construct are human decision makers they help us to build our world viewworld views are constructed by social constructs and othersHow certain social constructions are made and part of our lives and are turned into common sense This is an ongoing process and never stagnant produced by people acting on their interpretation of the social constructAll knowledge is made by social interactions when people interact and they do so with the understanding that their realities are related act upon this understanding and it reinforce this reality
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