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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

READING NOTES WEEK 2 VSI ch 1 and 2 Ch 1Ethnographyto understand people you must associate and integrate with them over a long period of time participant observation Primitive societiessmall non western communities with limited and simple institutions where face to face interaction take places An ethnographer may come across other social disputes that heshe is not there to studyMaking friendsin society and building strong relationships and trust of people can help answer some questions or explain certain situationsUnderstanding local culture and comparing it to our own can really indicate what it means to be humanAnthropologists are always anthropologists of something and somewhere acquires history and background info Prior to study ie fluency in more than one languageWays to record info by ethnographers include conversations audio filmphotography musicHard to leave given society because not sure if full research has been completedCritiques of Ethnographic fieldworkEthnographers see life of people they are observing in social isolation not c
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