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Michael Schillaci

Week 4 2:41 PM-27-10 ENVIRONMENTAL ECOLOGY FACTORS Climate The study of the Resource availability interrelationship between a organisms and their Predators,typeoffood environment. Resource Attributes Social Environment FOOD Figure 06.01 Food provides energy for maintenance of normal metabolic processes needed for growth, survival and reproduction The total amount of energy (calories) needed for any given primate depends on 4 components Weneedabout900 1) Basal Metabolic Rate 2) Activity Level 3) Growth Rate 4) ReproductionLactation The basal metabolic rate (measured in calories) is what is needed to maintain life when at rest. The day-to-day life of primates is driven by two primary goare needed to maintain life.w many calories above and beyond the basal rate toeat, and 2) avoid being eaten. (3) reproduction) These twGrowing primates need more energy (per body weight) than do adults important role in shaping behavior and social organization Pregnancy requires greater energy (approx. 25% more), as does lactation hominid ancestors.mportant role in shaping the social organ(approx. 50% more) Figure 06.02 Types of Energy Carbohydrates (sugars and complex starches) Fats and oils Protein Average basal metabolism is affected by body size. The dashed line metabolic rate. The solid line represents the actual relationship between bodyweight and basal metabolic rate. %K01,.99K,99K0.:7;0-0384;07 means that larger animals use relatively less energy per unit of body weight.
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