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Donna Young

Lecture 3  No cover page but TA name, tutorial #, professor name in header.  Pick a theme that interests you. Could be about cultural transformation, how the nuer measured time and how it is a cultural aspect. Ishi the Last Yahi And The Birth of American Anthropology  Ishi  beginning of American anthropology  Father of anthropology was Franz Boa. His prominent student was Kroeber. 1. Why were anthropologists so interested in discovering a “real and completely wild” Indian?  Kroeber wanted to study a native North American that was uncontaminated by the West.  He had this idea of cultures as fixed, pure, and whole.  Pre-historical: “People without history”.  In this view, history belongs to Europeans, who set history in motion through power and conquest.  The problematic ideas of social evolution still very strong (not to be confused with biological evolution).  Native North Americans were considered to be primitives who could teach us something about our prehistory. Once they had been conquered, clothed, etc, they were no longer of interest to the early anthropologists, no longer interesting for science. What was salvage anthropology?  Salvage Anthropology was an attempt to record and collect the languages and artifacts of „cultures‟ that might disappear.  American Anthropologists in the early 20 century
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