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Lecture 1

ANTB20H3 Lecture 1: week 5

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ANTB20 - Week 5 Gender and the Global Factory1 • Assignment: focus on one or two themes -Sex and the City 2: Orientalism  middle east stereotypes reproduced or challenged? -Prophet: How being in jail reprod. diff. cult. categories; people come together through nat. & lang.; informal economy  how do people get what they need? operate with the outside world? *provide your opinion and don’t provide summary of articles • We is different from the present and past; We shifts from the people who came in the past to the people who come today -We can include cult. rep’s of the other e.g. We Chinese: creation of a we through the internet after diaspora (HK, Malaya, Indonesia) -When we speak about us we are instantly disting. ourselves from others -Good, or bad: putting down other persons’ nationality • Otto-Orientalism: when people intern. the cult. rep’s that other have of us; we see ourselves through the other and reprod. them • Sex: Biological and Gender: Socially Constructed -If men and women don’t heed their roles, there will be chaos -devastating effects of gendered stereotypes -boys better than boys: infanticide, certain jobs only for men or certain jobs more men than females and if there are females they may be paid less -females have to be beautiful in certain ways (based on cult.); predominantly beauty is super-skinny, tall but in West Africa women are force-fed to be large  are able to take care of themselves and children *Even if there are empowered women, patriarchy dictates the rules; larger force • Gender traits and attributes become naturalized in ways that aassoc. what is “culture” (gender) with “nature” (sex) -Men: smart, able to defend, powerful -Women: docile, submissive, nurturing • Man or Woman? -Sexuality can be performed: a woman can be very masculine, a man very feminine -hetero-normative: idea that men and women are the only way in which humans should be paired -Army: guys dress up as girls  seen as macho and not less than men: opportunities to perform the other • Because women have certain stereotypical qualities they better for certain types of jobs *Benefit from reproducing gender stereotypes: reconfirms normative or can create a new normative -Modern Family: two gays one is a stay-at-home “mom”, other works -Simpsons: Marge is smart and Homer is dumb but Homer is still the “man of the house” • Foucalt’s idea of disciplinary power is important (creates docile bodies) -Church, school etc  this is how we are meant to be; become relational beings through these ideas - pref., ta
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