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University of Toronto Scarborough
Jude Fokwang

ANTB05H3 Lecture 5: Production and Exchange 10/15/2012 Phases of EconomicActivity: EconomicActivity can be subdivided into three distinct phases: 1. Production, transforming nature’s raw materials into products useful to human beings Food Oil Shelter Access to health care Acquiring resources and transforming them into objects and things that us people can use Foraging (Harvesting certain tools), Horticulture, Agriculture 2. Distribution, getting products to people How something is created and brought to the consumer 3. Consumption, using up the products - for example, by eating food or wearing clothing. The Idea that An affluent society is a society in which a society can meet their needs and satisfy their wants, Foraging societies was considered a affluent society Production: In this description there is a relation of production and the means of production In each mode of production, The Relations and Means of Production: What is it that people do, Ex. You and an employee, the relationship with your co-workers is just workers, you do not own the means of production. You and The Owners, is based on ownership The means of production is a combination of skills, knowledge and tools needed to produce , ex. Land . Land is a large aspect of production, and
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