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Week1 lecture 1 Globalization and orientalism

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Girish Daswani

Appadurai and immigration • There is somethins new and critical about glova, culture processes • Imagined worlds are multiple worlds that are conctitutes by the historucally situated imaginations of persons and groups spread across the world • The imagination has become an organized field of social practices • The role of the imaginatin is importatnt in defining who we are and where we come from. It defines how we think about our reality • The imagination is not just something you think anout, its something you create and oractice in your life. • We complicate the role of the imagination using labor, internet etc. we are no longer able to think of ourselves as one person. • How we imagine the world at any point in time is important. What are the cultural processes if that time? Imagination is a cultural construct. Unevenness of power • Imagination is not evenly produced • The shift to a sing,e world system is also about a political imagination which does not reveal the contradictions, unevenness and lumpiness of power and different systems of oroduction, all with diff consequences. • Not all the people who participate in globalization have the same access to resources to participate in the construction of who they are. • Doesnt spread across the world in an even way Africa: an inconvenient example • Africa is ignored but why? • Defenders of globalization theories would rather soeak of economic success stories • Yhose who are critical of globalization often target the expan
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