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Jessica Taylor

ANTB64 LECTURE 3THSEPT262011Food Hunger Appetite and SocietyFood is viewed as communicationFood advertisements and there view on the meaning of foodHow meals constructed and what are going into constructing itAppetites of genderAppetites and HungerWhat is appetites socialIs it in the mind etcThinking about bodily desires become social and how they acquire Structured by social and cultural forcesOne society in one context and something else in another cultureHunger is seen as a method of connecting ones selfKahnLooking at the context of food in a villageCultural contextMap locating PNG in the dark colourIn SW AsiaCurrent pop about 6 million Independence from AustraliaColonial powers in late 1800 to early 1900s1975 independenceDid research just afterDiverse country languages 800 or morePapuaIn Milne Bay province197678 written in ethnographic presentThink its happening now but really notThings have really changed since then and in the short time she was thereStayed with one family alice and gave place to stay and built her own houseThis is the kind of intensive work field workStaying there and see what its really likeLearning language participating in running feasts gardening myths ethnological surveysPictureWamira is where the red dot isPicPostcard from early 1900s missions school built in WamiraMissionaries were coming in and converting ppl to ChristianityLearn the languageCommunicate from the biblePicFrank Hurly pictureUnique dry beltDry locationNeed to errigate there taro gardensPlains hills mountain range and seaWalking distance to other villagesEcoloSeasons divided into 2In general its pretty warm Dry April to DecemberWhen its raining really hard rainPeople tend to stay indoorSwept out to seaIn addition to the split divide according to what winds are blowingPossibility of drought1970s thinking of diff ways to covert hunger gov and distribution of store bought goodsTemp seasonal hungerPop at the time was 1200 pplOnly 13 of those people were living in that villagerdThe final 3 are living in towns wage earning living with relativeSend money hack homeVillageW is divided into 2 wardsRivalry going onCompetition traditional activity feast dancing gardening conducted separatelyWards divided into HAMLETSThey also have rivalryWithin the hamlet is households45 children mom and dad and grandparentsDivision is imp because the tasks are also dividedNo real unified politicsEach ward and hamlet have their own leader counsellorThey are both matri and patrilineal structureWhen a women gets marriedlive with husband and his familyMarriage and housebuilding matrilinealPatri gardening and food distribution where you livePublic relations between men and women lot of segregationMen call the large meetings men sit in centre women outsideSegregation by age alsoControllingThis is Kahns argumentAlways being hungry and famineThis is not a physical hungerThis is a metaphorical hungerWhat counts as food or what satisfies with the amount of food
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