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Lecture 10

Antb64 Lecture 10

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Jessica Taylor

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ANTB64LECTURE 10 NOV212011 Review 2 different examples and aspects of globalizationFood and desire is one exampleDesiring them something more extra cash in harsh conditions and have control over land and labour This week we are talking about food movements from the last 30 yearsWhat are food movementsClark punk cuisinesLeitch slow foodLocal foodVan esterick Breastfeeding advocacy PunkThe black cat cafe living the punk lifestyle and etiologyProcessed foodIncrease in the non local production of food Food MovementsDraw on advocacyConsumers changing their own consumptionWhat kind of consumption is ethicalAnd what kind of production is ethicalThey are related to one anotherIn the context of the food system right nowDrawn food on activitiesFood shortages taxes unequal distribution of food etcUnfair taxes ex the Boston tea party taxes on teaHunger strikes and Gandhi o Drew on food as a form of activism o Famous salt march in 1930s o Collect salt that is available from the sea which was illegalFood safety scandals o Ex food inc mother who had a son died of ecoli o Mad cow diseaseSocial environmental o Movements against GM crops o School lunch movements o Vegan food movements o Campaigns against obesity and fair tradePleasure and enjoyment of foodSocial space separate from gov and corporations o Ex punk cafe Punk CuisineBlack cat cafe run by punks5 years punk involvement in SeattlePrivileges and challenging hierarchyAnarchism way of life and egalitarianism environmentalism sexism etc
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