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Lecture 12

Antb64 Lecture 12

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Jessica Taylor

ANTB64 Final Lecture and Exam Review Final exam thDec 19 2011 from 24pm SW 309 Bring Student CardNorman Rockwell PaintingKnown for the American LifePicture showing a portrayal of food and the meaning in a particular contextIn the context of reduced availabilityHighly valued foodWW2freedom from wantFamily portrayal turkey at the centreWe need to eat and drink to stay aliveWe cook food create taste tell stories moral and mythicalWe cell and make foodPolitical and economic value from itExchange beliefs and distribution and consumption of foodFocused a place of gender race and class on current and past food systemsHow Wamirans organize their taro plantingBeijingFood is something we eat and something we areWeek 2Symbolic approaches to foodScholars and their articles approaches to culture in a linguistic point of viewTaking that kind of approach to culture and applying it to foodStructuralism symbolic approach to foodSystematic approach to cultureIdeas you can take and figure out what the system isFood systems communicated and in terms ordersBarthes different meanings of food in culture ex sugar in America o Looked at ads of foods in France o Ideas of traditionLevi Strauss culinary triangle o Trying to find the deep deep order behind food systems universallyMary Douglas o Religious approacho Animals that were categorized as acceptable to eat or not o Were placed on the alter or not o Pork forbidden and why o Syntax or order that can be abstracted Week 3Where is appetite locatedMind social etcKhan o Wamirans are thought of as greedy people
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