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Lecture 4

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Sandra Bamford

rdWeek 4October 3 2011thMonday October 24 that weeks worth of readings will be removed Double descentyou use both unilineal systems at the same time to define 2 instinct group with 2 distinct purposesFox introduces a conceptknown as complimentary affiliationIn any given society with the principle of unilineal descent an individual will also have significant social relationship to person who are not part of his or her descent group Example in a patrilineal society you belong to fathers descent group but you might have significant social relationship with people on your mothers sidethose ties you have to kins people who are NOT part of your descent group Cognatic may be advantageous in certain contexts lot of flexibility if one group seems pressed for land you have lots of choice to move elsewhere Most unilineal descent groups are corporate groupsIt means it exists independently of the individual comprising them If one member belonging to a group kills a member from another group the group as a whole is held responsibleThe group also makes joint decisions on property Fox talks about 2 types of descent base systems 1 MundugumarROPES very rare Papua new guinea onlyrope are system for inheriting property where items are passed from a father to his daughter or mother to her sonPassing property between generations 2 Parallel descentapinayebrazilwomen belong to the social groups of their mothers and males belong to the social groups of their fathers Descent groups have 1 thing in commonall consist of descent of a common ancestor or ancestressLooking at ancestor from the kinship of descentfocused groupsEgo focused groups by contrast looking at social relationships of the perspective of one specific individualego have in common a specific individualdont have an ancestor in commonBest known of ego focused groupkindredclassic example No two individuals with the except of siblings are going to have the same kindredKindred do not serve as the basis of ongoing social groups
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