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Lecture 2

Week 2 Readings

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Donna Young

Week 2 Modern Cities Raymond Williams 1 The Country and The CityIn English country is both a nation and a part of a land the country can be the whole society of its rural areaAchievement of human society city distinctive form of civilizationThe country has gathered the idea of a natural way of life of peace innocence and simple virtueThe city has gathered the idea of an achieved centre of learning communication lightThe Industrial Revolution not only transformed both city and country it was based on a highly developed agrarian capitalism with a very early disappearance of the traditional peasantryEnglish attitudes to the country and to ideas of rural life persisted with extraordinary power so that even after the society was predominantly urban its literature for a generation was still predominantly rural and even in the tweentieth century in an urban and industrial land forms of the older ideas and experiences still remarlably persistThe relation of country and city is not only an objective problem and histroy but has been and still is for many millions of people a direct and intense preoccupation and experienceThis country life then has many meanings in feeling and activity in region and in timeT
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