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Lecture 2 Human Adaptation ANTC41 Types of Biological adaptation More sensical to study adaptation Major issues to studying humans, Climatic stress People have to acclimatize,Adapt habituate to a major crisis. Major problem of studying crisis situation. 1) ethics – some times it may be not the right place to do a survey ie: In Haiti, or in a war/poverty striken country  Expectation that you should help while there, but helping may compromise your research issue of helping one group versus another group. 2) Language barrier For Humans..Another significant type of adaptation..: Slide Cultural and technological adaptation **** EXAM QUESTION: What does ameliorate mean= to make something better Culture: In Haiti, their cell phones are the only way of communication Cultural and technological adaptation  we are resourceful, as opposed to Haiti. Cultural and technological adaptation-slide 19 Adaptation that is irreversible Born with a particular ailment, therefore you cannot change it. Ie: Acquire adaptation to a disease, because you inherit it =those with sickle cell anemia develop adaptation to malaria When malaria is constantly there in a specific population its called endemic. Common cold is an infectious disease that is endemic Disease that is epidemic=west nile Swine flu Africa: particular region they suffer from sickle cell disease. Sickle cell disease and anemia occurs in Canada Mosquito Vectors and the malaria parasite The disease called malaria in sub Saharan Africa is endemic and is a disease called by a parasite. It is is transmitted through a vector which is a moquitoe. Malaria as parasite doesn’t jump from one individual to another individual. It goes through a vector. The female species of mosquito bite. Plasmodium Falciparium ****** is the parasite KNOW THIS Genus=plasmodium Lecture 2 Human Adaptation ANTC41 Species= falciparium Major lethal killer among the various different forms Biological transmission: mosquitoes Mosquitoes want blood meals for their baby. 2 species of mosquitoes malaria vectors in sub Saharan Africa. anophele funestus Anophele is the genus of mosquitoes Two types of mosquitoes Likes to breed in shaded river Anopheles can live outside the human resovoir in another resovoir= sylvatic form= Lives outside the host Sylactic form example= H1N1, typical species that has this disease are birds Anopheles gambiee Likes to breed in open sunlight pools of water. Normally since not a lot of light comes to water, the funestus form breed there Anopheles gambiee need the sun to breed in the pools of water. Process of how anopheles gambie becomes endemic Humans conduct deforestation. Human change environmental landscape because they want to grow crops, thereby creating a new niche. New niche favors one species over another specie New niche favours the gambiee. It is a more effective transmitter than the other species. Leading to hyper endemic. , Until people change technology, Back then there were major differences in the environment. Now there are massive changes in the environment =agriculture. Slash and burn agriculture sometimes referred to as Malaysian agricultural complex. From places like Malaysian new forms of agriculture were introduced. People began to cut down big trees and used little trees to burn 5 years they had a place where they could plant Gambiee are always in close contact with malaria and dieing in great numbers They’ve have adopted in something that they think is better technology Lecture 2 Human Adaptation ANTC41 Sickle cell Anemia Adaption Baby is born special because it has a mutation by chance. Mutation allows that baby, to do better against malaria. Sickle cell anemia rises because it is advantageous It allows those who normally would die of malaria would survive. Agriculture- How changes influence the increase of mos
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