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Lecture 9

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Peter Skrivanic

Lecture 9Wednesday March 09 2011213 PMBiomedical Hegemony and ResistanceEduardoThe video from last week involved a guinea pig One may ask what a guinea pig had to do with healing but thats not the point really The point is that theyre playing a role of sorts Shes going to a healer for a cleansing Eduardos approach involves divination using objects as a projection of what theyre picking up from conversing to the people When he says somethings wrong with the kidneys she says yeah theres something wrong with mine but she may not mean the organ kindey but a different social understanding ie lower back pain The diviners may use divination as a forum for people especially the patient to bring up feelings or thoughts theyre stifling or acknowledgingIn Eduardos ritual we see the social meaning of healing By the end he says he seems calmer and everyone agrees with himIt promotes the placeboEduardo says that shamanism is all in the mind Syncretism has to do with weaving different traditions together ie Eduardouses Christian belief traditional beliefs the civilization with the artEduardo is a great performer and storyteller Medical efficacy is intertwined with the ability ot tell stories so charisma actually played a big role in his ability to heal Its an imporant aspect of social healing virtuoso performerHis artistic sensibilityhes a scupltor and someone very in tune with poeisisByron Goodtheres a lot of work that goes into making us bodies and patients This knowledge is in a particular language and medical students have to get it in that language This process of knowledge acqusition gives doctor extraordinatory power cut medicine This is the social power of medicine developed in an institutional environment Theyre controlled to prevent harm which is important GoodIdeology Young discusses ideology and says that medical discourse constructs a clinic object PTSD Medical discourse about PTSD constructs the object through their written descriptions Behind this activity of writing and creating knowledge are some very human motivations Ie competition between scholars collaboration jockeying for tenure Ideology does three things convinces people to do things they would overwise not subjects devalues rival ideas and serves important interests Ideololy guides clinical practices which help to manifest PTSD and serves as the basis for the production of new discourses Young is underplaying distress but pointing out that this disease is a recent construct How did it come aboutSuccess is meaured by how well they speak and Young is critical of how this affects curesA nave model of science might think that knowledge advances without bias All knowledge including biomedcail knowledge is based on an ideology Stabilizing Medical Knowledge3 questions about biomedicineHow does biomedicine produce stabilize knowledge How is it transmittedHow does biomedicine
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