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Peter Skrivanic

ANTC61 Lecture 2 January 17 2011 Culture might be the reason of conversation or for disagreeingDisagreements occur in cultural contexts o When we experience a radical disjunction there is no conversationSome rules are more dominant than otherspower o Use cultural context to avoid being ethnocentric That everyone should see the world in the way we do and those who dont are wrong o Have to see our situation changes the way we things highlights certain issues If culture is used inappropriately o It can lead to stereotypes Franz Boaz and Benedict o Use the notion of culture to challenge the discourse about race o In the early years people were really about evolutionary anthropology and put those on to social development o Europe most evolved o Non Europeanno evolved o North AmericaFranz Boaz and Benedict were troubled about raceImmigrants didnt score as well on certain tests IQSaid it was because of race Boaz saw through this and said it was culturalFirst generation immigrants didnt do so well but children if they had the same opportunities did wellCultural is not innate it is learntIt was a political concept that challenged raceo Men are like this Japanese are like that That is not how culture is used Hermeneutic model of culture th 19 century Germans thought about how could they interpret the BiblePeople had different meaningsHow can you derive meaning from textMoved on to literary theory on the process of interpretationDialogueHave a basis of understand that you bring to the text that helps the text read to youIts a dialogue Geertz brought a lot of this forwardHis works is often challengedUsed for meaning and illness Cultural is not the same as behavior helps generate itAll sorts of things can be textsAnthropologists do this by talking listening and reflecting they study things by this Disease and IllnessDiseasebiological or biochemical malfunction
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