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Larry Sawchuk

ANTC62 TUT #2 Eco social model: understanding of social inequality, populations are not created equally, so not everyone has the same immunity, this does not mean that others are not more superior than others, this all depends on the location, culture and populations, people are always subject to the environment that they live in Birthplace, this the critical time, where you need proper stimulation and nutrition as you are growing, do mothers have access to health care, what resources do these children have, what is your social status, the location, are you getting the proper nutrition Teething, they then put them on formula, have to mix powder with water, so what about the water? Is the water clean, is it okay, toxic, diarrhea is the worst for children and cause death, health is determined from where you are born Occupation: different occupations incur different lifestyles and different stressors, corporate vs manual labor Religion: different beliefs can affect your susceptibility, prohibitive rules for consumption towards foods, for example Hindus do not eat cows therefore will not get mad cow disease, sexual conduct, keeps you away from sexually transmitted diseases, Christian scientists, they do not believe in biomedical standards of treatment, use belief and prayers for the cure THE AMISH-MULTIFACTORIAL CAUSATION HISTORY st  Offshoot of chrostianity which formed in January 21 1525  Referred to themselves as Anabaptist-“re-baptized”  Split once again and became Mennonites  Split again in 1963, split once more and became more conservative and are now called the Amish LIFESTYLES AND BELIEFS  Follow the ordnung-a set of guidelines to living properly  Do not use technology/electricity  Traditional Amish use horse drawn buggies  Predominately simple existence-focused on manual labor  All food comes from the farm EDUCATION  Self imposed segregation allows he Amish to maintain a distinct community  Pennsylvania Dutch is predominantly taught/reinforced as a the ancestral language HEALTH IMPACTS  Excluded from social security and reject health insurance  Do not believe in birth cont
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