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Larry Sawchuk

Sawchuk, L. ANTC67H3 Fall 2012 Basic Health Terms and Statistics Cont’d 1. Use Figure 2-3 from Chapter 2, part 2 from The Epidemic Experience of Infectious Diseases: An Anthropological Perspective and the information provided in Chapter 2 from Basic Epidemiology, to answer the following questions (when appropriate provide answers per 100). a. What is the incidence during the study period? = 11.6 per 100 person years b. What is the cumulative incidence? c. What is the average duration of breast cancer? /case d. What is the prevalence of breast cancer at the start of year 3? x 100 (radix) = 37.5 per 100 OR 12.5 per 100 e. What is the case-fatality rate of breast cancer? Sawchuk, L. ANTC67H3 Fall 2012 2. A longitudinal cohort study is investigating the relationship between high fat diet and cardiovascular disease (CVD). In January of 2004, all 2000 study participants were examined. Of all participants, 1500 were consuming a high fat diet and 500 were consuming a low fat diet. At this initial examination, 100 cases of CVD were discovered, of which 90 consumed a high fat diet. All participants who did not have CVD at the initial exam were seen at repeated examinations over the next few years. At the last examination at the fifth year, a total of 550 new CVD cases were discovered of which 500 consumed a high fat diet. 2a. Calculate the following prevalence rates of CVD in January of 2004 (provide answers per 1000): i. Prevalence rate among those consuming a high fat diet Preva
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