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ASTA02H3 Lecture Notes - Photon, Gravitational Time Dilation, Gravitational Redshift

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Parandis Khavari

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Astronomy - Session 13
more on black holes
event horizon
Q. What happens to the orbit of the Earth if the Sun were replaced by a black hole?
no change in the force of gravity
cosmic censorship conjecture
whenever a singularity is formed
it is hidden from the universe inside an event horizon
Schwarzschild black holes
1. non-rotating
2. Neutral
  
  
 
  
gravitational time dilation
we see clocks tick slower the closer they are to a black hole
gravitational red shift
light received from the vicinity of a black hole that’s red-shifted
tidal forces (spaghetti effect)
are a consequence of the difference between the force of gravity between our legs and our
red photon
less energy than a blue photon
increase M
directly proportional to radius
  
  
objects fall towards the center of the Earth
black hole A= and blackhole B= 
   
more force exerted on 4.
further from the center of gravity
less forces
more mass
more forces exerted on you
bigger tidal forces