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Introduction on Physiology - Lecutre 01

Biological Sciences
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Andrew Mason

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Bio Part II
Lecture 17
Common principles help make us make sense of diversity (other theories in bio)
oThrough unifying principle EVOLUTION (consistent mechanisms)
BUT Diversity is very important itself
oMany ways to live many possible solutions to problem
Diversity of life is important source of information but rapidly diminishing
oE.g. : water & fishery resources Aral Sea (in-land sea in Central Asia) 
formerly the 4
th largest in-land sea in the World 2002- it is pretty much
The water wave feeding the sea was diverted for irrigation for
industrial cotton production the area is completely devastated from
what it once was
Used to be fishery people lived around this body of water
Addition to decrease in life forms and water body the water that is
there is polluted w/ irritants and toxins by run-offs from irrigation and
industrial waste incidents of respiratory disorders has like 300%
in last few years in this part of the world
oE.g. fishery : Newfoundland fishermen it used to be so many cods in the
sea of Newfoundland (throw just basket in water and scoop them out)
fishermen were replaced by factory ships ( efficient way of fishing) 
scooping in large # of fishes as result natural fish stocks have
collapsed & Now, most of our fish comes from farms (raised in these
enclosures )
Problem: the fishes raised in these farms are predators they still
have to eat they eat the smaller fishes that are unappetizing for us (
using the factory ship)
Many different creatures in the world if you want to know how animals work and
why they work that way there are many examples to look at thus, diversity is
an important resources (birds are the last surviving groups of dinosaurs )
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