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Chapter 56: Ecosystems and Global Ecology

Biological Sciences
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Kamini Persaud

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Chapter 56 Ecosystems & Global Ecology
What are the compartments of the global ecosystem?
Earth is a closed system with respect to matter
Earth is an open system with respect to energy
Energy is primarily from the sun; continual
Earths four compartments:
1.Oceanswhere almost everything ends up at the end of a cycle
Only cycle materials at the surface of the oceans
Materials cycle through slowly
Up-welling zoneswhere the water gets shallower near shores,
resulting in a cycling of nutrients (from the bottom of the ocean
Most fisheries located here
2.Fresh Watersnutrient cycling is faster
Surface water is very rich in oxygen, but not nutrients and
TurnoverCycling happens through changes in temperature
When water is 4 degrees, it is most dense
Thermoclinewhen warm surface water is less dense and cooler
water is more dense
Stratospherecontains ozone layers
Troposphere were exposed to this compartment, contains
nutrients and water vapour, where cycling takes place
Intertropical convergence zonewarm winds come in, rise, release
water, and air currents rise into atmosphere
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