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BIOC34H3 Lecture Notes - Anemia, Splenectomy, Aorta

Biological Sciences
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Stephen Reid

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BGYC34; Second Assignment (2010)
PhysioEx Lab 5 (Cardiovascular Dynamics)
Due Date: Thursday February 4
Perform the experiments in PhysioEx lab 5 (Cardiovascular Dynamics) and submit a lab
report according to the format and instructions below. There are a total of 25 marks.
Write a brief (no more than 100 words) introduction that describes the goal of the
experiments performed in this lab. (2 marks)
Check the introduction to ensure that something has been written about the goals of the
experiment and give the 2 marks. If this section is really short (i.e., just a single sentence)
give only 1 mark. I have seen one paper that didn’t include an introduction at all (i.e., 0
Write a brief (no more than 300 words) methods section that describes the experiments
performed in this lab. Describe the experimental preparation and the various manipulations
that were performed. (2 marks)
Check this section to see if it is a reasonable description of the experiments. If so, then give
full marks. Reduce marks if you think the students have put no effort into this section or if it
really short and uninformative.
1. Vessel Resistance
Perform the experiments in this section. Include the 4 figures listed below. Either copy
directly from the computer screen (i.e., by pressing “print screen” on your keyboard,
pasting the copied screen into a program such as Power Point, cropping the image to give
you just the view of the screen, re-sizing and then moving the figure into Word) or draw
the trace by some other means (i.e., by hand or by recreating in another program).
(2 marks)
Give 2 marks if the following 4 graphs are present. They should look like the traces below
with no variation.
1a. The Effect of Pressure on Blood Flow
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1b. The Effect of Vessel Radius on Blood Flow
1c. The Effect of Viscosity on Blood Flow
1d. The Effect of Vessel Length on Blood Flow
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