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Lecture 2

MODULE 1 LECTURE 2 Tree of Life (Very Detailed)

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Mary Olaveson

BIOA02 MODULE 1 LEC 2 Tree of LifeLycophyteslycophytes life cycle is pretty much identical to that of the fernslowest branch of the vascular plantslycophytes are thought to be the plants which conquered land because for the first time the plants have cuticleslycophytes also the first to have stomataopenings in cuticle for gas exchange carbon goes in oxgen gets outmade up to two guardian cellslycophytes also the first to have vascular tissue xylem and phloem though they are primitive3 main groups of lycophytes clubmosses quillworts spikemosses1200 species of lycophytesFernsalso have a vascular systemoriginated in the early carboniferous period 80 million years after the lycophytes3 main groups of ferns whisk ferns horsetails true fernsapproximately 12000 species of ferns99 are true ferns75 of true fern species grow in the tropicsleaves of fernsfronds and mature fronds develop sori in the lower leavessoriorgans where ferns produces spores for reproductionone sorus have many circular structures called sporangium each of which are ho
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