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BIOA02 MODULE 1 LEC 7: From Tree to Seed

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Mary Olaveson

BIOA02 MODULE 1 LEC 7 From Tree to SeedJanuary 24 2012generalized flower structurethere are four components whorls of flowers sepals petals stamen made up of anthers on filamentsmale carpel has stigma style and ovaryfemaileSepalsused to protect flower budscovered by green and nonshowy sepalsas flowers open sepals cannot be seencolour pigments not wasted on sepalsfive sepals can be fused to form tubestherefore sepals can be individuals or fuse into a tubePetalscolourful and used to attract pollinatorscan also be fused or individualStamen made up of anthers located on top of filaments anthers are made up of two pollen sacs which each have two individual chambers ifpollen grains isnt ripe the two chambers are separate and once the pollen grains are ripe the wall in between breaks open so pollen are then released through the openingCarpelmade up of the stigma which is supported by the style which is connected to the ovarystigma is a landing platform for pollen sticky surfacecannot be shaken off easilymorphology of stigmas are different in different species of plantsstyle connects stigma to the ovarythe style is made up of an epidermis and have threadlike pollen tube which grows toward the ovulewithin an ovary can have one ovule with one egg cell but many plants have more than one ovule in a given ovary ie number of seeds in cherry vs cucumberwhen a plant grows and it is not reproductive yet its SAM can switch identity and turn into a flower primordiumflower meristem FMflower meristem then produces cells that turn into buds and into whole flowersonce a SAM turns into a flower meristem it can switch back to produce asexual tissue and organsFM looks very similar as the SAMhow does a plant move from producing leaves to producing flowers how SAM turn into a FM
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