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Chapter 52: Ecology and the Distribution of Life (Lecture 19)

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Biological Sciences
Kamini Persaud

Dr. K. Persaud Lecture 19 (video) Chapter 52 Ecology and the Distribution of Life What is Ecology? The study of interactions between different species and the environment Biotic and abiotic are enclosed within an ecosystemcommunity How are Climates Distributed on Earth? Climate:the average atmospheric condition over a long-t ervaries mainly due to solar energy 1. Angle that light hits the earth 2. Amount of earths atmosphere passed through o Higher latitudes receive less solar energy than the equator o Patterns: At about 30 degrees north and south air descends, picking up moisture with increasing pressure (deserts) Wind travels towards the equator creating, causing evaporations and condensation near the tropics Cooled air from the north and south to the equator meet at the intertropical convergence zone where it rises and releases moisture (heavy rains) At 60 degrees north and south, air rises again, releasing moisture, and descends at the poles (picking up moisture dry areas). As the earth spins faster at the equator than poles. Air masses deflected right in north hemisphere and left in the south hemisphere, creating westerlies and trade winds
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