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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Rene Harrison

BIOB10 Lecture 1 differentiation making diff cells that have diff functions over 200 diff cell types proteins carry out the functions in the cell provide structure and building the other macromolecules Robert Hooke coined the term cell examining cork Leeuwenhoek took pond water and put it in his microscope and saw animicules the pond water organisms All cells have transcription and translation machinery genes to proteins all cells arise from other cells cells need to metabolize to stay healthy have capacity to get energy and use it energy ultimately comes from the sun via photosynthesis and respiration use the carbs built in photosynthesis to make ATP need atp to carry out metabolisms biochemical reactions Enzymes use atpcells engage in mechanical activities intracellular transport in the cell whole cells can move cell migration Entire cells move in development you have rapid cell division get a ball of cells During cell differentiation cells on the outside get different cues then the insidecell migration is common during development stay put when you get oldercells have to be able to respond to stimuli via surface receptors proteins cells need ways to regulate any
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