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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Rene Harrison

BIOB10 Lecture 4Electron Microscopes dont see where individ protiens are See ultra structure of cells Light source is electronsshorter wavelengths than light transmission electron microscope Cell or tissue must be dead and section them Stain them with fluorochromeCytosol all the fluid and proteins that bathe the cell between the organelles ECM matric proteins collagen of connective tissueBoneCartilage Secreted by fibroblasts and osteoblastsplasma membrane proteins Adhesion molecules that stick to ECM or other cellsLysosomal Proteins dedragtive enzymes and proton pumps resident er and golgi proteins translocon SRP receptor and KDEL receptor all proteins start at the ER endoplasmic reticulum how does cell know to target a protein to ER for all proteins they have a special amino acid sequence signal sequence very specific amino acid sequence thats at the beginning of the protein A protein complex called SRP goes and binds to the signal sequence The SRP has high affinity for SRP receptor which is on the ER It moves the protein to the ER ER lumen inside of ER SRP binds to the receptor on the ERnext to the SRP is the translocon series of proteins that form a porethe Signal sequence binds to SRP and then translation temporarily stops till you get to the ER SRP binds SRP receptor on ER membr
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