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Biological Sciences
Daman Bawa

Brunt 2011 Adapted from Riggs 2007 B12 manualLaboratory Week 1 BIOB12 summer 2014Introductory material and outline of basic calculations used in a biology laboratory You will spend the first laboratory practical doing the questions provided on pages 1314 your TAs will then take these up in the laboratoryUse the examples provided to help you solve these questionsSimilar calculations will be done throughout the course of the term IntroductionBIOB12 is a laboratorybased course designed to acquaint students with basic practical skills used in biochemistry cell and molecular biology and microbiology The course is divided into five major modulesThese are basic laboratory techniques calculations solutions making use of pipets and micropipettes and spectrophotometry microbiology molecular biology biochemistry and microscopyEach moduleprovides the foundation for upper year laboratory courses in the major disciplines of cell biology biochemistry microbiology and molecular biologyStudents will develop practical skills as well as experience in methods of data manipulation techniques used in searching for information specifically primary literature searches and communication skills both written and verbal Most experiments will be carried out in pairs To ensure you get the most out of your laboratory experience preparation is essential You will be required to keep a laboratory log book This will contain an introduction to each laboratory and a flow chart of each laboratory This will be required to be done prior to the start of the laboratoryArriving to the laboratory unprepared is not an option you will let down your partner as you need to rely on each other to complete the laboratory tasks You also are at risk of affecting subsequent data collection as some labs run over one lab period Most importantly it is dangerous to enter a lab and start working without a clear understanding of what you are doingTherefore if you come unprepared you can be asked to leave the laboratory and you will forfeit the grades associated with the laboratory 1Brunt 2011 Adapted from Riggs 2007 B12 manualLaboratory SafetyMaterial organisms and equipment used in a laboratory are potentially dangerous and expensiveEquipment must be treated with respect and all safety guidelines provided by the Teaching Assistants must be followedStudents failure to do so can lead to removal from the courseLab coats are absolutely required and must be buttoned Closed toed shoesare required No eating drinking chewing gumin the laboratoryAlways wear safety glasses and latexnitrile gloves when appropriateDispose of chemicals properly Most salt solutions can be poured into the sink some cannotOrganics must be disposed of separately You must listen to your TAs follow directions and ask if you are unsure of what to do Dont combine chemicals together unless specifically instructed to do so Dispose of pipet tips razor blades broken glassand other sharps in appropriate containersasinstructed by the Teaching assistants Dispose of all plates and tubes containing bacteria yeast and recombinant DNA into the autoclave bags so that they can be sterilized Basins will be designated for collecting dirty glassware Please pay attention and place glassware in appropriately marked bins Ask if you are unsure You are responsible for cleaning up at the end of the lab All solutions equipment and supplies should be back wereyou found them either on you bench are at the side or front of the laboratory A major part of learning to do experiments isbeing responsible for your supplies and learning to clean up after yourselfPlace liquids medium containing bacteria and recombinant DNAin the area designated by the TA Wash your hands well with soap before you leave the lab2
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