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Biological Sciences
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Jason Brown

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SLIDE 2Endotherms generate large amounts of heat via metabolism and use that heat to regulate their body temperatureHomeothermy and endothermy occurs largely in mammals and birds Some bees and fish and reptiles also can be described as endothermsSLIDE 3Mammals and birds are unique in that the metabolic heat they use to regulate their body temperature is derived from tissues other than skeletal muscles Example liver gutThis means that they can be endothermic even when theyre not using their skeletal muscles when theyre at rest and they can be homeothermic because they can produce large amounts of heat and keep their body temperature relatively constant at restInsects certain fish and certain reptiles only generate heat via skeletal muscles and can only be endothermic when theyre active and not homeothermicSLIDE 4Because of their shared traits of producing metabolic heat and regulate body temperature mammals and birds were put together in one order of homeothermia Now we know they came from separate lineages Their last common ancestor diverged 324 million years ago leaving us with a reptile lineage and mammal lineage The birds evolved from the reptilian orderMammals are birds evolved the ability of thermoregulation for homeothermy and endothermy independently of one anotherSLIDE 5Mammals and birds need to eat a lot more than reptiles and fish and consume energy to convert it to heat to regulate their body temperatureAt the same body size the basal metabolic rate of a human is much higher than the standard metabolic rate of a reptile The high basal metabolism in mammals and birds allows them to produce large amount of heat to regulate their body temperatureIf you raced against an alligator up to the first minute alligator can keep up with the human because the capacity to generate energy consume oxygen and capacity to convert energy into work is about the same in reptiles and mammals over very short durationsOnce you start running for longer durations humans can maintain very high rates of metabolism than alligators which is due to the high basal metabolic rate We have a high
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