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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Jason Brown

BIOB34 September 26 2013Increasing thermo conductance results in releasing more heat to the environmentSLIDE 17Arrangement of muscles occurs in antagonistic pairs Example when biceps contract triceps relaxShivering thermogenesis results from contraction of the antagonistic muscles at the same time This generates lots of heat without any net movement of muscleMuscle contraction involves a considerable amount of ATP hydrolysis If we keep breaking down ATP we stimulate the mitochondria to make more ATP Because of the inefficiency of this process heat is generatedShivering thermogenesis may have evolved because there is so much muscle distributed throughout the bodySLIDE 18Nonshivering thermogenesis involves brown fat that is the primary source of heat for many animals in the coldSLIDE 19White fat is the main storage fat The clear area is made up of fat Its so packed full of fat that the nucleus and other organelles of the cell get pushed to the side of the cellWithin brown fat cells there are many fat lobules This increases the surface area to get those fats out of those lobules and get them to the mitochondria the brown stuffBrown fat is characterized by having many fat lobules within it as well as being packed full of mitochondria The lobules facilitate the way in which you can get fats out of the lobules and into the mitochondriaSLIDE 20The mitochondrion in brown fat does not express ATP synthase Instead they express UCP uncoupling protein UCPs function is to allow protons to get from intermembrane space back into the mitochondrial matrix without having any energy being conserved so its lost as heatUCP doesnt allow free energy to be conserved which allows all the energy to be lost as heat
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