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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 and Lecture 8 on Neurons

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Biological Sciences

BIOB30Fall2011 Chapter 8 Neurons Cellular and Network PropertiesLecture 7 8 Communication Between Neurons o Neurons communicate via a combination of divergent and convergent signals o Convergence a group of presynaptic neuronsprovide input to a small number of neurons many to one o Divergence a single presynaptic neuron branches and its collaterals synapse on multiple target neurons one to many Spatial Summation Graded Potentialso Spatial summation the initiation of an action potential from several nearly simultaneous graded potentials graded potentials originate at different locations o When they reach the threshold if the sum of their potentials is less negative than 55mV then an action potential can be triggeredo These GPs cause miniature excitatory postsynaptic potentials mEPSPsslight depolarization o Inhibitory neurons can send inhibitory neurotransmitters which cause miniature inhibitory postsynaptic potentials mIPSPs and therefore prevent the axon from reaching threshold at the trigger zone therefore there is no action potentialTemporal Summation o Summation that occurs from overlapping graded potentials in timetemporal summation o If the2 graded potential reach the trigger zone too far apart in time from one another they cannot combine to create a graded potential
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