Non Random Mating and Case Studies Lectures

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Biological Sciences
Maydianne Andrade

BIOB51Fall2011 NonRandom Mating and Case Studies LectureNonRandom Matingo Non random mating can be assortative like mates with like or dissortative like mates with unlikethis is not the same as sexual selection EVERYONE MATES JUST NOT RANDOMLYo The pairings of gametes are not equally likelyo Effects does not change allele frequenciesnot an evolutionary mechanismo Violates a HW assumption leads to altered genotype frequencieso Can have strong indirect effects on evolution by affecting the proportion of population exposed to selection SelfFertilization o Is an extreme type of nonrandom matingo If parents are BBBB offspring o If parents are Bb offspring going to be Bb andBB or bb o If parents are bbbb offspringo With each generation of selfing the frequency of homozygotes increases while the frequency of heterozygotes decreases byInterbreedingo The most common type of non random mating o It is the mating among genetic relativeso Occurrence of interbreeding increases as population size decreases o Leads to increased frequency of homozygotes relative to HW o Interbreeding depressionreduced fitness in individuals or populations resulting from matings between kindue to decrease in heterozygositydeleterious alleles more often present in homozygotes exposed to selectionloss of heterozygote advantageo Example the childhood mortality when parents are related is higher than childhood mortality in humans when parents are not relate
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