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Lecture 9

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Biological Sciences
Maydianne Andrade

Lecture 9 BIOB51 Slide # 3. though evolution is a thing of the past - Natural selection removes the unfavorable variances 4. gene and locus terms are interchangeable - mutations generate new alleles - point mutations: mutations in single based parts 5. polymorphism: within one individual or one population - what properties of genes in genonomes have at least 2 alleles - how many variance exist in that population Mean het: focus on individuals -properties are het. - average how many of locus are het. 6. estimates of poly. Higher (variance even if individuals homozygous) than mean 7. phenotypic analysis: gene product - error = doesn’t look like base sepquence of Dna 8. phenotype analysis would not capture this variation 10. single base subsitution= single change in a nucleotide 11. deleterious- lost by selection - neutral= don’t affect fitness - lost or fix( allele increase in frequency until selection)
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