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Lecture 7

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Shelley A.Brunt

BIOC12 Lecture 7Slide 21 Collagen connective tissue that plays a role in strengthflexibilitydense extracellular matrix component2 Myoglobinhaemoglobin not an enzyme oxygen carrierbind oxygen molecule via heme groupeach heme group contains one iron atom an example of ligand bindingeach iron part of the heme group atom binds one oxygen molecule3 Antibodiesbind specific antigensantibodies raise antibodies to bind antigensex immunoglobulin IgGbinding of antigen at each end of the fork which is then presented to phagocytic cellFC region binds to phagocytic cellSlide 3 Collagen a fibrous protein different from keratin helixcollagentropocollagen can be used interchangeablyprocollagen refers to the one strand in tropocollagen triple helixfibril is collagen in staggered associationfibrous glycoprotein3 residues amino acids per turn not as compacted slightly extended than helix 36 residues amino acids per turneach of the three identical helix is lefthanded but the overall structure is a righthanded superhelix coil staggered association contributes to insolubilitystrength of collagen is due to covalent bonds 1 Covalent crosslink between the three helices strands ex Schiff base bond between lysineallysine2 Covalent bonds within the strand intramolecular bond ex bond between two allysineshigher order structure meaning greater oligomeric statestability of collagen is due to 1 staggered association 2 covalent bond 3 interchain hydrogen bonds 4 hydroxyllysine that binds carbohydrates via glycosylation 5Steric repulsion between ring structures of proline and hydroxyprolineSlide 4 Collagen repeated sequence Gly X often proline Y often hydroxylproline in the helix not helixhydroxyproline is a posttranslational mechanism happen after protein synthesis
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