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Lecture 12


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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Shelley A.Brunt

lec12 final exam 1 lec09lec122 2 hour exam 3 MCQ with some SAQ a SAQ may require sentencetwodiagram b must know the structure of the catalytic sites i ie what happens between the active amino acids and the substrates ii basic structure of carbohydrates or lipids iii lipids in recognition of structure4 prof notesa lysosymes and RNase Ab vitamins and lipids c dont go beyond the level of detail discussed in lectured glycoproteins and role of glycolipidsi glycolipids are important emphasise lipids not as important as the lipidation of proteinsi ie glycolipids f will not need to draw enzyme catalysis diagramslipids and membranes1 lipids are essential components of all living organisms2 much greater variation than proteins and carbohydrates3 water insoluble that are highly soluble in nonpolar solvents4 they can be strictly hydrophobic small numbernot usually biologicala or more often amphipathic with both polar and nonpolar regions5 prof notesa lipids by definition made up of multiple components i is it the fatty acid chainii is it the glycerol that is attached iii it is a variable building block b they are amphipathic i polar headii hydrophobic tail c some are strictly hydrophobic i but these are generally not biologicalii ie not used to make up membranesrole of lipids1 energy 2 structure 3 padding protection 4 signalling5 prof notesa outer and inner face of cell have lipids b but the lipids look differentc glycosylation on lipids i dont see it on internal sided proteins that can be embedded integral proteins spanning across the membranehave a large hydrophobic element e phospholipidsi extracellular 1 phosphatidylcholine 2 others ii cytoplasm 1 phosphatidylinotisol45bisphosphate PIP2 2 phosphatidylserinef very important structural rolesg extracellular matrix with fibers and proteinaceouscarbohydrate materials are important classes of lipids1 almost all biological lipids are amphipathic2 fatty acids which are the simplest lipids a have general fomula of RCOOH where R is a hydrocarbon chain3 more complex lipids have fatty acid chains as componentsa triacylglycerols fats and oilsi can function as storage molecules for metabolic energy and ii provide thermal insulation and paddingb waxes i serve a protective role in1 cell walls 2 exoskeleton 3 skinc sphingolipids d glycerophospholipids4 phospholipids5 glycosphingolipids a have both sphingosine and carbohydrate6 isoprene based 5C lipids a includes
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