BIOC14 : Lec 17 : Movie - The Ghost in Your Genes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Patrick Mc Gowan

BIOC14Lec 17Movie The Ghost in your GenesLegend Enviroenvironmentenvironmental Pplpeople Behbehaviory An environmental exposure that your grandma had could cause a disease in you even though youve never been exposed to the toxin and you will pass it on y Not just the genes its also the enviro of your ancestors you are what your grandparents ate you are what stress your ancestors had y Science of inheritance changing the view of what inheritance is y Small Swedish town Overcalixover the edge of the arctic circle o Medical revolution o Inaccessible and remote cut off from rest of world in history o Graveyards hold proof for radical ideas o Connecting ppl who lived 100 yrs apart o Now we believe that inheritance is just the genes the DNA sequence the new idea is that inheritance is more than thato 20 year study o Believe that lives of our ancestors can directly affect our wellbeing despite never experiencing these things ourselvesbelieved to be scientific heresy o Its assumed that after conception genes are locked away in every cell of the body protected and untouched by the way you live y Came across families who didnt fit the patterns of genetics have to ask what may be underlying these differences The rules of inheritance broke down y Angelmans syndrome o Jerky movement when walking o No speech o Severely deficit in learning o Very happy smiling all the time o Genetic fault key sequence of DNA missing in chromosome 15 o The same deletion can also result in a very different syndrome milder in terms of intellectual deficitsPraderWilli syndromeInsatiable appetitevery large o 2 diff syndromes caused by exact same genetic fault y Early 1990sthe human genome project book of lifehope was that once all DNA sequences coded then we would be able understand how the body is put together o Hope to find genetic cause and cure for every disease o Estimated that there would be around 100000 genesactually 30000 genes in humans if the genome has less genes in humans than plants etc and were more complexwhat going ony We were thinking of genes in mechanical way just in terms of figuring out the letters y The idea of one gene one disease doesnt explain it all what did they miss o PraderWilli and Angelman syndromes2 diff diseases caused by same genetic faultWhat mattered was the origin of the chromosome 15 that had the deletionIf deletion is on chromo 15 of dadPW
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