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Lecture 6

BIOC21 Lecture 6 Notes

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Biological Sciences
Stefan Rusyniak

BIOC21 - Lecture 6 - Muscle 1 - 3rd basic histological tissue type: Muscle - fairly straightforward unlike the others, theres not a lot of subdivisions - only have to worry about three types: smooth, skeletal, and cardiac - how do they differ, and how is muscle generally like? 2 - smallest component: myofilament (protein structure within a muscle cell: actin or myosin) - tend to be organized into larger structures: myofibril (bundle of myofilaments) - myocyte: actual cell that contains the myofibrils composed of myofilaments - when we talk about muscle cells, we refer to them as fibres, which confuses most - the cells themselves in most cases are very large and shouldnt be called cells because they are aggregations of multiple cells (ie multiple myoblasts fusing together to form what is known as a syncytium (bag of cells); a larger structure composed of many cells fused together which is why we refer to them as fibres; in skeletal muscle, you can have a single cell spanning the entire length of the entire muscle which is very large for a cell which is why we refer to them as fibres) - older terms: - sarcosome: muscle cell; also referred to as the mitochondria of a cell (can be confusing, we wont be using this term!) - sarco = muscle - sarcoplasmic reticulum is the only one from these terms the prof will use because the ER of muscle tissue is very specialized, because its a place to store calcium which is important for muscle contraction; used as a calcium storage vesicle 3
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