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BIOC23: Lec 10 - Radioisotope use.doc

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Biological Sciences
Rongmin Zhao

Lec 10 Radioisotope UseRadioisotopesIsotopessameof protons but diffof neutrons same atomic oIf nucleusunstablecan give off some particles from nucleusradioisotopesradionuclidesoWill keep disintegrating until nuclear stability which depends on the ratio of neutrons to protonsoElectron outside is not involvedDiff types of radioactivity AlphaoAlpha radioactivityemission from a heavy nucleus of a particle containing 2 protons and 2 neutrons helium nuc also releases NRGexpressed as eV 1610E19 JBetaoNegative beta particle emitted when a neutron rich nucleus is unstable it emits a ve beta particle electron and electron antineutrinoAtomic number increases by 1 and neutron decreases by 1 oPositive beta particle emitted when a proton rich nucleus is unstable it emits positive beta particle positron and electron neutrinoAtomic number decreases by 1 and neutron increases by 1Gamma raysoMonoenergetic EM rays emitted from an excited daughter nucleusoOriginate from a rearrangement of nuclear particles and are intended to rid the excited nuclei of excess energybecomes stableoGamma rays not referred to as particle lightOrbital electron capture internal conversion and neutrino emission arent related to biochemoIf atom is protonrichcan capture electron in inner orbital and it becomes neutron and emits NRG at same timelight in the form of neutrinoSpontaneous disintegration of nucleustypical firstorder kinetic process1 radioactive materials decay at exponential rates unique to each isotopestorate of decay follows 1 order kineticsoonly determining factoramt of original atomsotherefore decrease of unstable atoms over time is proportional toof unstable atoms2 Halflife is time required for given amt of some radioactive material to be reduced toof its original activity ot 069312 stoany 1 order rxn haslife
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